SpinCraft Silent 1 - Features

Spincraft's Silent I is truly the most advanced electric boat available today. The built-in silent battery charger system allows for totally silent emission free operation for up to eight hours. Need to stay out longer? Simply push the Generator start button and cruise indefinitely while using less than one litre of fuel per hour. The amazing size and stability allows this craft to be configured in several distinct ways.

Silent 1 Video

High Speed
56 K

Water Taxi

With comfortable seating for up to eight people the "Silent I" can provide economical and stylish transportation in many venues. Boat clubs, harbours, canals and nature cruises. The absence of noise encourages conversation and the unobstructed view brings nature as close as possible.

Work Boat

The multi-task capability of the "Silent I" is truly amazing. The on-board electrical system can power a wide range of power equipment or instrumentation. The system will also charge the running batteries for weeks at a time in remote locations. The 3.7 Kilowat genset provides continuous 110 V 30 Amp service using less than one gallon of fuel every four hours. A forward steering and control cabin with extended roof offers protection from the elements.

Cottage Cruising

There simply is not a more elegant way to cruise and entertain friends on the water. Silent running allows the complete enjoyment of of your surroundings and ensures you are not causing any negative environmental impact. With virtually zero maintenance and easy overnight charging (use an extension cord from shore power or onboard generator) the Silent one is ready for generations of enjoyment.