Commercial Applications

The SpinCraft EB is a superb income-producing rental boat for:

  • Provincial, State, and National parks
  • Theme and water park operators
  • Vacation resorts
  • Marinas
  • Boat rental companies
  • Independent operators

The introduction of the SpinCraft EB in January 1996, gives you an excellent opportunity for rental income generation. A fleet of boats will make a significant contribution to your rental revenues and bottom line.

The SpinCraft EB is designed and built by experts. The boat is extremely safe and stable, environmentally friendly, absolutely quiet, attractive in appearance, and operable by all ages and by people with disablilities. It is designed for cruising in lakes, rivers, coastal waters, shallows, and even areas where traditional power boats are not permitted.

We know that when you evaluate the SpinCraft EB, based on your experience and understanding of your customers, you will see why we feel this to be the most significant income-generating product since the inception of the pedal boat.

Key Rental Features

The SpinCraft EB is a unique marine rental vehicle. It embraces the key elements for safe, affordable, reliable, and thoroughly enjoyable rental applications.

Key factors include:

  • Opportunity for premium rental rates
  • Totally user-friendly operation for all ages
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Little or no instruction necessary
  • Operable by people with disabilities
  • Non polluting - not one drop of gas or oil
  • Absolutely quiet running
  • Up to 16 hours running time between charges
  • Re-charging at off-peak hours or overnight
  • Simple and limited maintenance